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Bola Percussion

After many years as a dedicated sambista in the Northern California Samba community I decided that the agogôs could deliver more tone and projection for the bateria so I started experimenting.

When I came upon the first Bola Bells design a friend and fellow sambista, to my surprise and delight, insisted on buying the bell from me. Soon friends encouraged me to produce these bells and share them with the rest of the samba community. That was the birth of Bola Bells.

My Agogôs are now played in France, Canada, and Australia, as well as in many Samba schools in the U.S. and can be purchased here at my website.

Recently, with the endorsement of Scott Kettner of Maracatu New York, I developed a line of Alfaias that are also available on my website along with my new Forrô Triangulos, Gonges and Zabumbas.

Call for Availability:

  • Tamboricas
  • Dual Surdo Stands
  • Rawhide Pocket Ganzas





Forrô Triangulos


Choro Pandeiros

Pocket Shakers & Tamborims

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